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Welcome to Greenville, MS

The Father of Waters, the most fertile alluvial soil in the world, the moderate annual climate, the blues, and the best folks you would ever want to meet, are just some of the attributes of the queen city of the delta, Greenville, Mississippi. To further describe the attributes of Greenville, I would like to begin by writing four lines that were written about Greenville by William Alexander Percy, one of the many published writers and authors that have and do call Greenville home.

Any town large or small should be judged by the distinction of its citizens, and throughout Greenville’s history, it is the quality of those folks then and now that is the measure of this town’s worth. Over 57 years ago, it was Greenville’s leadership that worked together in avowed unity that recruited into the city the nation’s largest carpet plant. And many decades later, it is similar dedicated leadership that has formed the new Industrial Development Center to forge new commerce and growth in the 21st century.

It is our good folks that have established one of the largest Rotary Clubs in the State. The Junior Auxiliary has for over 60 years offered help and relief to the underprivileged. Greenville is the founding home of the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries. Garden clubs are plentiful in Greenville. We have the Main Street organization that is working overtime to protect and preserve the city’s downtown. There is the Convention and Visitors Bureau that faithfully promotes our area. These and many more local organizations run by local citizens strongly believe in Civic teamwork and cultural values. It takes a strong and dedicated people to stoke the engine of progress, and Greenville continues to have a large reservoir of these committed citizens.

– Benji Nelkin

City of Greenville, Mississippi 

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