Rotary Facts

What does it mean to be a Rotarian?

Being a Rotarian means making a strong commitment of time and energy.  Each Rotary Club meets weekly and members are expected to maintain good attendance records.  Rotarians may “make-up” a missed meeting by attending the meeting of any other Rotary Club in any country of the world within 14 days before or after the absence.

Being a Rotarian means a true commitment to the Ideals of Rotary, including support of all Avenues of Service.  Rotarians are committed to World Peace and understanding through The Rotary Foundation.

The rewards generally equal or surpass the level of commitment. To become a Rotarian is to join in an organization whose members make an important difference in the quality of life in the community and worldwide.  It is a doorway to a unique network, linked by fellowship and spanning the globe.  Being a Rotarian means being able to enrich the lives of others, while enjoying yourself in the company of your peers.Rotary’s Wheel Emblem

A wheel has been the symbol of Rotary since our earliest days.  The first design was made by Chicago Rotarian Montague Bear, an engraver who drew a simple wagon wheel, with a few lines to show dust and motion.  The wheel was said to illustrate “Civilization and Movement.”

In 1922, it was decided all Rotary clubs should adopt a single design and in 1923, the present gear wheel with twenty-four cogs and six spokes was adopted.

A group of engineers advised that the geared wheel was mechanically unsound and would not work without a “keyway” in the center of the gear to attach it to a power shaft.  So in 1923 the keyway was added and the design which we now know was formally adopted as the official Rotary International emblem.